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  1. Tuskegee University’s band is the oldest HBCU marching band.
  2. Tuskegee University was the first HBCU to have a football stadium.
  3. Osceola, the legendary Seminole Chief, was born in Macon County.
  4. Macon County originally included neighboring cities, Union Springs and Auburn.
  5. Tuskegee National Forest is the smallest national forest in America.
  6. Macon County was once covered by a prehistoric ocean.
  7. The Rosenwald School program was originally started by Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University).
  8. The Town of Shorter was named after Governor John Gill Shorter.
  9. In 1842, Amos Moore purchased 160 acres of land and the area became known as Moore’s Cross Roads. In 1849, the name was changed to Notasulga.
  10. Railroad service first came to Macon County in 1840 when the Montgomery Railroad reached Franklin.
  11. Tuskegee suffered a fire in 1858, which destroyed most of the downtown area.
  12. Tuskegee, was named after a nearby Creek Indian village.

*Information Courtesy of: Tuskegee Human & Civil Rights Multicultural Center

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